Jains Philosophy is driven by our strength and knowledgeable and talented people who strive to work on areas along with principles such as

1. Focus on our Customer:

At Jain, we ensure that a great deal of attention is given to customer relations. Our teams anticipate the needs of the clients and ensure them a positive experience beyond our expectations by systematic benchmarking and R&D practices. Our philosophy revolves around the customers & understanding and satisfying our needs.

2. Perfection to the Core

With Strong in house team of architects, we strive to reach the core of perfection in our designs. Various brainstorming sessions, during the concept design, design verification and validation process, the FMEA’s and the design reviews throughout the life cycle of our projects ensures zero defect products to our customers.

3. Act with Integrity

At Jain housing the team believes in commitments and building long term relationships based on trust and honesty.

4. Technology in Sky

Jain Housing in order to enhance our quality and standards at every stage assemble the usage of modern technology materials like RMC, Aerocon blocks, water proofing compounds etc. Our project department focuses on Research and Development, where latest material developments in the construction industry are tested and validated before put to actual use.  

5. An Eco friendly Company

A concern for the environment is an integral part of the company’s vision. Jain Housing is always committed to growth in consonance with the environment and all its projects stand a testimony to it. 

6. Standardization 

Our entire construction process is standardized. Our engineers are driven by process control standards and the process quality is reviewed through statistical process control techniques. Areas of process improvements are identified by our engineers through brainstorming and benchmarking best building practices followed by construction companies across the global.

Process upgradation and standardization is done by historical warranty analysis before commencement of any new project.

7. Seize the future

At Jains, we enhance change to stay ahead in fast-paced industry.



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