Biggest commercial and industrial hub of the southern India

Chennai, the biggest commercial and industrial hub of the southern India has been growing in leaps and bounds, the astonishing coastline and ever growing IT sector have expanded the fringes of the old city leading to many new emerging destinations.

Real estate sector in Chennai has been recorded as the most profitable business. ‘Residential apartments for sale’, ‘Luxury villas in Chennai offered in your budget’, ‘Property of sale in Chennai located in posh localities with best amenities’ are common advertisements which can be seen throughout the city. Madipakkam, a residential locality in South of Chennai that has been recently added under the Greater Chennai Corporation identifies itself as a great target zone for the real estate business. The affordable prices, decent infrastructure and easy connectivity of the region to the airport and railways station along with proximity with IT corridor and OMR has made Madipakam a potential real estate hub in South Chennai.

Connectivity is a major factor why Madipakkam is a hot favourite with home buyers. It has a green bushy and lushy ambience enclosed itself with verdant green landscapes surroundings.Agents in Madipakkam offer 2bhk and 3bhk apartments in the region with sizes ranging between 1400 square feet to 1800 square feet and even more.Rental values in Adyar vary according to the property locality and facilities, but mostly starting from Rs 15,000 per months to Rs 28,000 per month.This is currently set to achieve a crest, with Chennai’s alleged ‘super prime ‘property showcase set to crash.Overwhelmed by the state’s capital, it has confronted a whole quarter of drowsy development after about a time of extension and significant achievement.

All the more particularly, they enter the rental market and hope to stick around for their chance until the point when property estimations turn out to be more flexible. This has made an open door for private land-owners to put resources into properties and lease them out on long period contracts, producing a repeating, month to month pay all the while.Basically, you could buy a luxury type home in a locality which is expected to have a good market value in the mere future. Young Investors can make up an idea with compact or studio type homes in the middle of the city which will be perfect for the youthful experts and upcoming strategists.


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