Green is the New Buzz Word

Known for their innovative and sustainable designs, Jain Housing is proud to be one of the most eco friendly developers in the real estate sector. Contrary to the controversy prevailing over the eco friendliness in the construction industry and the usual mind set that real estate projects harm the environment.

At Jain Housing, coming up with self sustaining real estate projects constituted the main part of the latest roadmap strategy. This company is ready to take the leap in trying out new age technologies while implementing its recent projects. Jain Housing is one of the very few developers who adhere to various norms of National Green Tribunal.

Jain Housing aims to achieve the Green Practices in its projects by using prefabricated structures which greatly reduces the assembling and transportation of structures thereby reducing the carbon footprint of the project. Moreover, this greatly saves on the exploitation of groundwater resources in the vicinity for construction purposes.

Another main agenda is to install a proper state of the art wastewater treatment in all of its new projects thereby not spoiling the ecosystem in the vicinity. Constructing Sustainable Green Projects with long term self sustenance is and will always be the objective of Jain Housing.

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