Relocating House: Top 5 Dos and Don’ts

Every person has a point in their life where better opportunities are calling, yet at a location away from your own. Relocating House to a new location following your enthusiasm is as tricky as the thrilling factor. But we just can’t refrain from it because of the change that is in front of us. All you’ll need is a little idea!

It is quite important to get an idea of the entire scenario of “Relocation” before moving to the new place. Know the Dos and Don’ts first.

DOs for Relocating House

#1: DO your cost math right!

Relocating House - do the calculation

Get the calculations in place and check if the entire idea of relocation fits your wallet. Check the overall expenses- The sum of Rent, Food expenses, Cost of living and even the Lifestyle, because your new workplace would have a certain work culture that would demand some efforts from you. Your relocated house would also have to accommodate your new lifestyle needs such as gatherings, co-working needs and more.

Don’t ever miss out on the complete food expense calculations (according to your food choices), as that might be under the direct influence of the location. If you are a Desi person stuck in a westernised location, getting a Thali might cost you more than expected!

TIP: Choose a home that costs you 25% or less than your take-home pay with a 15-year fixed mortgage.

#2: Double-check the connectivity.

Relocating House - double cheak the connectivity

Along with the primary expenses, the secondary expenses (that are often missed out in the list) matter while relocating house. Especially in the case of the crowding cities, transportation is one key expense. Analyse the distance involved in your regular commute- the way to your workplace. If you are one of those hometown-philic people who miss their family (which most of do), see the distance from the main Bus depot, Railway station or Airport that connects you with ‘YOUR PLACE’ (So you wouldn’t spend your time feeling sad for relocating house). Also, your family could visit you often if your relocated house is either near to or has direct transport link with the central transit points.

Look out for connections to your areas of interest so you don’t miss out on the fun in living life in your way!

Foodies! Map down the food spots!

Shopaholics! Map down the shopping malls!

Athletes! Map down the sports arenas!

Bikers! Map down the empty tracks!

TIP: Choose a real estate agent with market expertise to know the actual scenario of relocating the house to the new location.

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#3: Hunt for “Actual reviews” on the place

Relocating House - check the reviews

You and your family are going to a new place and spend your entire time there! Now, how important is the place’s vibe that could have an impact on every member of your family? So before finalising on your choice on relocating house, check with the real-time experiences. Read loads and loads of reviews and comprehend the genuine ones (Because it’s important to ignore the misleading fake reviews). Check if you could get a glimpse of the locality with pictures (The not-so-professional photos taken on normal phones help!).

Make sure the location is safe and ideal for your family. While having people requiring medical assistance, do check the health conditions of the neighbourhood along with proximity to health centres before relocating your house. (Even the condition of roads would matter in these cases). Read news about the place along with the reviews to know it better.

TIP: If you find any difficulty in doing research all by yourself, get the online help! Try Social media or the number of relocation research companies out there, that are happy to lend you a hand!

#4: Minimise hassle with organised packaging

Relocating House - packing

Relocating house is no big deal except for the high amount of complications it involves. Because you are actually RELOCATING A WHOLE HOUSE! How big is that? Now, that big thing is made into a small yet complete package. Get the important things wrapped into secured packages and move them with ease. Make sure the packages aid smooth organisation by labelling them with names. (This would also ensure that care is taken with handling, for certain sensitive things like glass articles etc. need proper handling). Months before relocating house, start collecting those heavy-duty boxes, newspapers, bubble wraps and more to help with your packaging.

TIP: Time-crunching schedule? Too busy to pack your kinds of stuff? Get the help of the packers and movers who make relocating house a simple task.

#5: Start engaging in your new community

engage with your community

While in the middle of relocating house, you should probably beckon the community connections. A new location is something you don’t or won’t have an entire understanding on unless you move there. Now imagine how nice it would be to have someone guides you across! Know your neighbours, wander around and prepare yourself to fit in. Get the actual idea of the necessities and best choices in terms of food spots, transport, education and what not!

TIP: Join the local groups on Social media, interact with the people and get the workable suggestions & recommendations on almost every random need of yours!

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DON’Ts for Relocating House

#1: DON’T intend on taking everything with you. Go light!

Relocating House - go light

Your MISSION-RELOCATING HOUSE is definitely a huge task and comes with its own set of restrictions and differences, which would definitely not be a replica of your current home. To understand the primary differences such as the house’s area and spaces, to understand how much it can accommodate. Because there’s no point in taking 2 King size beds for a 1BHK house. Moreover, why would you need the cluster of furniture for a fully furnished home?

So, the best thing you could do is SELL! Yes, you could sell away all your not-so-necessary furniture (preferably the old out-of-style ones) and get your packages fit into that small relocation truck of yours. Even better, it will earn you a few bucks that would actually take care of your relocation expenses.

TIP: Hunt for the online shopping websites that could help you sell your furniture at the best prices possible.

#2: Stop with a virtual visit. See in person.

Relocating House - visit in person

We totally agree that getting information online is just amazing with every single detail right before you, no matter where you see it from. But you don’t get experiences online (Except virtual experiences such as 360-degree views and Google street views that just eliminate the main influencing factors- Human beings). So when the topic is relocating house, that is going to keep up with you for years from now, maybe a little effort would help. Make time to pay a visit to the place in person so that you prepare your mind to get ready to live there. That’s basic psychology- You just have to convince your mind.

Pack your bags! Go on a short visit to the place and experience the real vibes, real reflexes. This will also get you to know the people who could help your bring along the necessities.

TIP: Moving to warm cities like Chennai, sometimes people miss out focus on the intense monsoon seasons that demand prepared mind-sets, ready to evolve with the growing city.

#3: Don’t be carried away with great expectations.

dont carried away with expectations

We know “Great Expectations” is a great book but not it’s so great as an approach. A new place is full of excitements and thrills. Agreed. Yet, it would not be a carbon copy of your current dwelling. Things change, surroundings change, even the percentage of oxygen and carbohydrate in the air you breathe changes. So it wouldn’t be right to expect the same amount of comfort right by Day 1. It may turn out to be different from the way it was portrayed by your developer or any other person. But sometimes you’ll have to just wait till the place gets well-used-to.

Make up your mind to get used to the neighbourhood sounds, newer transport options, all-new cuisines and diverse festive celebrations across the month and much more! Who knows, you might find yourself in love with this contrasting version of your relocated house that is entirely different from how it was portrayed.

TIP: Face the logics of relocating house and embrace the flaws. Be aware of the erroneous information and avoid misconceptions. Double-check over verbal conversation or in-person meetings.

Check out Common Fallacy About Real Estate India

#4: Don’t predict the weather by yourself!

dont predict the wether by yourself

The climate is one major factor that decides the comfort of living. While relocating house, keep in mind the adaptability of every member in your family and make sure your new home accommodates all the facilities that maintain the thermal comfort of the place. There would be no point in moving without an AC or Air cooler to a hot place. In fact, the choice between Cooler and AC depends on the humidity of the place, as Coolers that bring more moisture wouldn’t be preferable on a humid location. Since the facilities like these need prior service line connections, it’s important to decide on those.

TIP: Go for dwellings that come well-equipped with everything that is considered necessary for the seasonally transitional cities of today.  

Don’t worry, when your new home is in the hands of developers such as Jain Housing, everything from the needs to the services is taken care of, completely! Relocating house could happen at the snap of the finger.

All you would need is key!

#5: Give some time to your bucket-list

Give some time to your bucket-list

After opening the door of your new home, there would be a definite adrenalin rush influenced by the flow of excitement. You’ll want to make an immediate list of the necessary things, even before completely unpacking. Why this step important is because we humans are so used to procrastination and we would just stuff the house with the not-very-necessary newbies while ending up piling the unpacked things. But if we get the facts straight, the entire task of relocating house could be simple if the primary units such as the packages are sorted out. Post this, the points in your bucket list could get striked one by one. Also, understanding the environment & then going on shopping prove effective, because, by that time, you would have also sorted out where you could go for the housing needs at best prices.

TIP: Get other people’s thoughts on your list, especially your neighbours!

Have a look at all the new things you could start while relocating the house.

Travel on the track to better homes.

Try following the above on your HOUSE RELOCATING PHASE and see how easy things get! We would be happy to know your experience while doing these. Let us know us in the comments below!

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