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How to identify high demand properties in top most cities

‘The City of dreams’ refers every Indian city, because it is a place where a person doesn’t just dwell. They live their life. With the new age development and people swarming into the cities in search of their dreams, speed matters. Being the foremost in spotting zones of demand lets us keep up with the dynamism of these growing cities. Be it the  flats for sale in Chennai or the low budget apartments in Bangalore, this matters.

Take a step to comprehend the real estate secrets behind the high demand properties.

Flats for sale in Chennai Bangalore Hyderabad

This might sound complex, but worry not! Jain Housing – The best residential developers of 2019 honoured by TOI, are here to share some tips.

Here’s some simplified economics and amplified ergonomics for you.

What Drives Demand?

1. The Prevalent Work Culture

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Corporate professionals at workplace

Every profession revolves around a work culture unique to itself, having a great impact on the development in the surrounding. With the IT sector taking over, intermix of day-night life has brought a great need of supporting facilities in the surrounding. Everything from the lunch time to the dinner preferences has impact with the needs of facilities as basic as restaurants, needless to emphasize the accessibility factor. This has brought an increase in demand in the areas with proximity to both the IT zones and the recreational facilities.

This typical urban growth behavior has added value to the ergonomics, bringing the urbanite-friendly dwelling options into light.

While several low budget apartments in Bangalore along the IT zone has opened up opportunities for easy and efficient living conditions for the people, Co-living spaces and more have added the urbanite-friendliness to it. Developing industries along the suburbs of various cities have also attracted residents to the adjacent zones that could be seen with the various plots for sale in Chennai and its surrounding. Top most cities in India have witnessed statistical data on high property demand due to the IT and industrial development.

2. Ease of transport

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Traffic in city roads

Sprawling population in the major cities has made life quite unquiet. The urban commute accompanied by traffic and other issues, takes up almost 1/4th of the working hours, while taking up the entirety of peace. This makes commute and proximity become the major deciding factor for demand. This has in turn brought a high demand for places around the transit nodes such as Metro Railway stations, Bus stands etc.

Apart from the intra-city transportation, inter-city transportation too rules, connecting the uber millennial population to their natives. Indian population, being bound by emotional strings consider this to be a major preference. Majorly this trend in preference is seen amongst the millennials who are mostly the lone-travellers new to the city.

You could observe demand in plots for sale in Chennai’s outskirts, where transit nodes shine as major pro. The strategically located apartments in Bangalore too, make the population enjoy easy transportation to the zones, reaching the very extremes of the growing city.

3. Educational facilities

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Wide library in University

Many students from every end of the country prefer the quality education available at the notable educational institutions in the cities. This makes the area in and around the educational zones, get a high demand from the student communities. The demand of newer spaces functions such as that of PGs, Shared spaces and co-living spaces have taken up the conventional college-side dwelling spaces. A student could go for the flats for sale in Chennai or low budget apartments at Bangalore to balance the educational life along with the city life.

This also minimises the hassle of commute and maximises the community feeling amongst the user groups.

4. Plot vs. Rental trends

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Plots & apartments top view

Detect the right zone of focus based on its nature – Plot or rental. Certain areas of a city remain best suited for permanent residences, giving the timeless promise of quality and lifestyle. Contrastingly, some are seen with a very transitional nature that encounter changing population, making it best suited for rental properties. Several plots for sale in Chennai and its outer parts are getting known to be preferable for permanent residence, for people in search of quiet urban life. The options of low budget apartments in Bangalore too provide efficient living solutions to the altering population whose key focus is the proximity to amenities.

5. Quality Lifestyle

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Luxuriously designed homes

With the increasing congestion in the cities, a part of the population prefers ‘escape’. Low dense and sparsely occupied lands that enjoy a pollution-free environment become a major preference for many. Given the different age groups in a family with the pertaining health and lifestyle needs, demand is majorly driven by the quality of life. Large expanse of plots for sale in Chennai open up opportunities for urbanites to enjoy peace, amidst connectivity. Here, the coexistence of tranquilizing surroundings and transit-oriented development makes the spaces an actual spacial experience. These zones become the chosen ones for affluent mode of development, being the most preferable for high budget projects.

6. Scope for future development

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Future development

Some ‘developing’ zones draw the developers with the vision for future development. Major under construction projects attract real-estate development with the predicted development & infrastructure projects. Zones around under-construction airports, flyover and metro station proposals etc. are the new hotspots for residential and commercial development. Apart from these options, one could go for the plots for sale in Chennai and its outer areas. Amidst being the unconventional choice of properties, these stay at the top of the trends, with the proposals for Metro station and other upcoming transit-oriented facilities.

Looking for all of the above?

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Cities are diverse pockets of energy that grow profusely in multiple directions depending upon the ‘trend’. The multifaceted contrasting foci of trends need to be comprehended well to determine the key zones  that welcome future development. Reaching the esteemed developers will ensure the trend comprehension prior to property purchase.

Proceed on your way to discover the key zones of your city with the above tips and more from our blog section!

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