Apartments for sale in Chennai

Villas, Plots or apartments for sale? Choose your BUDGET.


Regardless of our desire, the budget becomes the decision maker for housing choices stuck between villas or apartments for sale. This would no more be a constraint because Jain Housing is here for your housing need.

Flats for sale in Chennai for 25 to 30 lakhs Vs. Villas for sale in Chennai for 30 lakhs:

Low on budget, high on life.

When below 50 lakhs is what you’re looking at for your dream home, you could explore both the villas and flats for sale in Chennai for 30 lakhs and around. These projects fall in the affordable range, that come with the promise of quality and desire of proximity. The lookout for flats for sale in Chennai for 15 lakhs could be the primary eye catcher. But, they might miss out on the long-term effect. That is why elevating your budget a little and going for flats for sale in Chennai for 25 lakhs or more would prove effective, considering the longevity they come with. The recreational facilities and supporting services inside the community find an association to not just your current lifestyle but also relate to your futuristic lifestyle.

Jain Housing has a range of brand new flats for sale in Chennai around 35 lakhs that outpace the trends and make you well-equipped to live the future. Our seasonal offers further make it realistically possible to get flats for sale in Chennai for 25 lakhs to 30 lakhs and live the uber life.

Choose from the ready to occupy flats in Chennai.

Pick your favourite from the apartments in Hyderabad.

Flats in Chennai

Exclusive villas under a budget:

Priceless homes for your prices

The freedom from high prices on houses is taken to the next level with the availability of individual villas for sale in Chennai for 30 lakhs and around. These independent housing options that come under a budget are the dream of every person on lookout for residences that have the touch of luxury amidst cost-effectiveness. While all that people could find is flats for sale in Chennai for 35 lakhs or 40 lakhs, owning a wholly independent villa at an equal price is truly priceless.

30, 40 aren’t the only figures in terms of budget. Explore more options that are ideal for your budget at Jain Housing.

Explore affordable luxury from Jain Housing’s range plots/villas.

Plots in Chennai

Have you made your choice?

Proceed to book your house with Jain Housing.

Your dream home is waiting for your presence.

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