Top Residential option within 40 – 60 lakhs in Hyderabad

Hyderabad’s Hitech City preferred destination for corporate

IT !!! This crispy two letter word when spelled in India takes us directly to Bengaluru. But it was before a decade or two. Several IT firms and MNC’S rushed out one after the other throughout the country. Hyderabad initially was one of the several places , yet its growth over the years has been phenomenal. you may scratch your heads why people prefer Hyderabad to Bengaluru? There are numerous reasons which made me drop my jaws, the ease of travel from all over the country, well built infrastructure, on going road projects, and the most encouraging factor “the cost of living “.The latest metro rail facility which the Hyderabad people are so happy about makes this city tick every boxes that an smart city has.

With its rapid the city has many government buildings since it has been an core competency of the state. Particularly the west quadrant of the city notched his place by taking major MNC’s like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Infosys, Wipro, Dell etc.,The main cities like Hitech city, Gachibowli and its surrounding area became more popular due to the IT hub, there by came the beautiful pg’s and infrastructure to the city which made it as the IT hub of the country.  The Hyderabad office market had witnessed an gross absorption of 3.32 million sq.ft with 86% share of YTD . This made the SBD( secondary business district ) to prefer this city a destination of various IT firms.

According to the article published by Times of India, Hyderabad is the best city for living in India in 2017 and its growth rate would reach 80% by 2020 on its previous base scale of 2011.The SDB locations face high demand for the constructions of office buildings which makes the real estate field glitter. Though there is a slight drop of leasing office spaces for about 21% , the firms doesn’t drop its branches in the city. Of all, it is predicted that the real estate and the IT investments in Hyderabad would be happy to put their resources in the most developing city of India.

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