Premium Residential Abode in Bangalore

Basavanagudi, being one of the oldest localities in the vibrant city of Bangalore, consists of residents with diverse lifestyles. This residential area located in the southern part of Bangalore is ideal for a family of various needs. It is pocketed with many top rated educational institutions (both schools and colleges) and hospitals which offer quality healthcare. There are meticulously placed and maintained parks in the hub of Basavanagudi for both children and those who are out seeking peace. The greenery is one of the elements that attract the people to this place.


The main feature of Basavanagudi is the Gandhi Bazaar. From everyday perishable goods like fruits, vegetables and flowers to clothes, plastic items and other basic necessities , the vendors and retailers occupied the footpath of the market street. Vidyarthi Bhavan, a vegetarian restaurant founded in the year 1943, is one of the relics of old Bangalore. As the development process started in the olden times, there are a few conventional buildings nested in the locality. The head start on the development process gives the area a more systematic layout.


The advantage most commuters have is that the Bangalore city railway station and the Bangalore metro station are within close proximity. The metro provides a more convenient access from Jayanagar and Nehru college. The Kempegowda International airport isĀ 34 km away. Therefore having the central business district nearby has increased the demand for homes. In the past few years, the number of tenants has multiplied drastically. Investing in Basavanagudi would be a great idea since this area is still rapidly developing. There are currently numerous projects under construction and many more being proposed. The rise in demand will continue increasing as long the growth does not stop.

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