Adyar : City on the Rise

When it comes to real estate in Chennai, a question most of us ponder over is how Adyar continues to grow no matter what obstacles are thrown at it. The area has always been of prime interest to investors, a target location for youngsters looking to exploit the weekend and finally, to families expecting some time-off of the real world; in other words, a time-out from the mundane activities. What Adyar really contains is beyond us but we can give you a gist of the real deal.

Adyar, one of the costliest neighborhoods in Chennai has a plethora of interesting locations to visit. To start off let’s state the obvious; the Besant Nagar beach. It houses endless number of stalls and other little attractions that are capable of captivating numerous tourists and other locals. With the variety of restaurants and cafes that inhabit the area such as Mash, Burgerman, Boats and other well-known cafes, Adyar is worthresiding close to. Let’s not forget the multiple temples and churches that are established at Adyar.

The proximity to a lot of important hubs in Chennai such as the Airport, OMR, ECR, T Nagar and Madhya Kailash may be one of the reasons that make Adyar standout from the rest. Or maybe it’s the aesthetics that’s evident from the vibes in and around the neighborhood. With the perfect mix of what a bustling, subtle, contemporary place should have, Adyar has made its mark.

I guess it is safe to say that Adyar has emerged and officially earned the right to call itself a cosmopolitan locality with an unpredictable mix of cultures and serendipitous events. The benevolence of the area is still somewhat a shock to the city considering its capabilities of being the home to people with an uptown-ish attitude. We guess it will remain one of the biggest mysteries ever.

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