Urapakkam,in the Spotlight

Buying a house for the lowest price and which has the best amenities nearby, gives us a feeling like none other. And if the place where the house is located has a great return on investment it is like shooting two mangoes in one shot. All these benefits can be found at Jain Housing,s flats at Urapakkam.

With over 50 Grocery shops, 3 Dolby Atmos theatres, and a new Bus Stand coming up at Vandalur, Urapakkam promises to be a great investment for money. Urapakkam has a ralway station which can be used to connect to places throughout Chennai. 20 minutes travel from Urapakkam is all it takes to reach Tambaram.

OMR, the IT hub of Chennai which has a lot of Job Oppurtunities is within a travel duration of 35 minutes. Other than that, one can also reach the Beach station within a travel duration of 40 minutes. What other reasons does one need to buy a house tand spend the rest of his life in luxury?

By the way, the CMDA extension plan over Urapakkam in which 1600 Sq. Km. will be extended to 8800 Sq. Km. till – Uthiramerur near Tindivanam at south, Arakkonam and Uthukottai at west, Gummidipoondi at north, as a part of development Process has been approved by the Central Government.

Assuring entertainment to itsresidents, Urapakkam has three malls planned to be built, these are Gold Souk Grande Mall, Shriram Mall and Estancia mall.The cost of rental is around Rs.8 to Rs. 16 per sq. ft. for unfurnished and semi-furnished apartments. This has increased significantly in the last 2 years. The mid-range apartments value growth seems to have increased by around 26% in the last two years.

The prospects are now bright for Urapakkam and with more access to ATMs, super markets, schools and entertainment hot spots, the prices are bound to go upwards. Shri Sankara Vidyalaya, Vidya Mandir, SRM university, Crescent Engineering college and Tagore engineering colleges are already the known spots near this area. Hospitals are available around this area with the inclusion of Arokia Annai and SRM General Hospitals. More healthcare development is expected to happen inthis area and it will make Urapakkam a shining star in the next few years.

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