Affordable housing: The real anomaly

The government has really upped the show with housing for all by 2022. The major problem of cost effective housing is hitting everyone hard especially in developing nations. India is a real anomaly in the affordable housing case. While on one hand you have a growing population in the below 45 segment or the working class segment which should be a great economic promise but the housing deficit is slowly lurking in the corner. The statistics show that the population in the urban areas will become 600 million by 2030, which is almost half of the country’s population. The question is do we have enough resources to be allocated to them.

Government attempts can be called a failure for the sole reason they lack the manpower and the resources to meet the growing demand in the affordable housing segment. The solution to this is to let the private players enter the field. The real estate developers who have been employing their resources on cheaper options will have prior knowledge and experience in handling the crisis. Those whose core customers are the middle income segment might have a little bit of trouble in analysis.

Another interesting option popping up nowadays is the slum rehabilitation, which will be a headache of its own range. The process starts from getting the consent of current dwellers who will expect more than they require and evading the political clout of local politicians who may have vested interests.

There are two options for the government. It can release large parcels of land held by institutions like the railways. Those areas that are being wasted can be put to use. The second way is to create special residential zones like special economic zones with provisions for developers who decides to create affordable homes there.

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