Why are smart homes gaining popularity?

Technology the word which rules the current generation and the word which makes life easy, nowadays everyone is asking for sophisticated home where we can control everything by a single device this gave a way to smart home and in India its expected to grow at 30 percent year on year. Today the working-class people are looking for home that is equipped with smart features and a lot of emerging professional are there to assist you to change your home into smart home.

People are moving forward for sustainable solution on housing and energy need in this volatile economy and this is also a major reason that paves the way for smart home growth in a rapid pace. With the available of technology, the requirement of home buyer has changed, the smart home have the best in class security system and efficient energy management system which can be connected and controlled via smartphone, the smart home market also supports efficient lighting system, high security and entertainment that attracts more customer and smart home is also consider giving more return on investment in future.

Smart home developers have gone next step and launched homes with voice recognition system that assist for controlling the home needs. Developers have also realized that today’s young generation home buyers want to make optimum use of technology and need unique feature that can be used to control the entire home like opening the front gate in just a click, smart home also reduces power consumption and this is one of the major reason that attracts buyers towards smart homes people think in a way that instead of paying high electricity bills invest in in a smart home have more benefit in a long term. Smart home has now become popular among metros tier 2 and tier 3 cities and experts predict there is a lot of potential for smart homes in future.

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