48th National Safety day Celebrated on 4th March 2019 in Jains Abhineet

We have very much glad to inform you all that celebrated 48th National safety day on 4th March 2019 to honor and remember / reward their contribution with presence of Management / Project team & workers in our jains abhineet site, We given speech to safety awareness to labours ,safety flag hosting and took Safety Pledge in Tamil, Hindi, English several sports event awards distributed to staffs & workers after this celebration we were distributed sweets to staff’s & all Labors.

Wishes National safety day 2019, on the event of 48th National safety day , we take this opportunity to wish your and family a safe and health year 2019 on this significant day we shall reaffirm our commitments towards achieving an accident free environment.

Safety should be the way of life” and working safe also ensures the safety of your family safety is a continues process and it does not end with National Safety Day and week ,we will continue to maintain the interest of employees on safety throughout the year and achieve our safety goal of zero incident & Accident”


Labors to got more energy & Motivated for several sports events running race / tug war in this year 48th National safety day celebration at respect project.

Staff’s to got more energy & Motivated for several programme Quiz Competition/ Drawing &Painting competition in this year 48th National safety day celebration at Head office

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