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Vastu for flats is the most important factor to render positivity to a home to let it progress and vastu shashtra is simply the science of architecture. This science deals in the perfecting the design, layout, measurements, ground preparation, space arrangement, and spatial geometry of the home. vastu also plays a major role for every thought coming to your mind when you’re at your home. The positive and negative vibrations, pleasant and unpleasant aura is solely based on the perfections and imperfections of vastu.

This is why in the olden days, it is believed to speak and think positively. Science says, our behaviors reflect on the composing of happy and sad occasions at our homes. If you keep frowning, fighting and crying for no reason or for silly stuffs, then you might have to face the wrath of negative energy at your home.

If you stay positive in negative situations and try to keep yourself happy throughout, it plays a major role in creating a positive impact in your life. So the next time you find your neighbor happy and buying a new apartment, don’t wonder how they did that. It is just because of the positive aura they have created at their home which is driving them to attain all the riches.

Learn how to keep a track of all the vastu works for your home by reading this blog. Let’s go ahead.


It is always recommended to opt for square or rectangular homes rather than circular, elliptical homes. Also, the entrance of the building should not face any water body. The main door must be the biggest of all doors and the significance is that it will pave way for the wealth to get in.

#2 – Directions in Vastu for Flats:

Every direction has equal amounts of positive and negative impact in the vastu shastra and definitely the directions play an important role in boosting the aura of your home. Where North is considered as the Kubera entrance, the South facing home is considered to be the Yama Entrance. Not in all cases, South is considered inauspicious. It all depends on the individual’s perspective and of course who earlier stayed in the home you chose.

However North, North-West and West facing homes are always preferred by the vastu experts. It is said that Lord Kubera, the lord of wealth stays in the west direction and that is the reason home entrances are preferably located in the discussed directions.

#3 – Vastu for Flats of Wall Colors:

Home is where the heart is and we need some truly relinquishing colors to tone up the home. Avoid giving black or any other negative shade in the frequently seated areas of your home like a bedroom, dining room or Pooja Room. Instead, give pleasant and cool colors like light blue, light green, lavender and lilac shades so there is maximum radiation of positivism in the room.

In a dining room, acidic tones like red, orange etc are mostly preferred as it is believed that it will inculcate hunger in oneself. Bedrooms are preferably meant to have soft colors like lilac, lavender, shades of yellow and other prominent colors that are subtle in the mind.

Kitchen is the heart of the home and the heart needs to be “light” so as to avoid a mix of emotions and confusion. Kitchens should have only light colors as it will directly reflect to boost the psychology of the chef. Nice calm colours will soothe the mind in turn create a positive vibration.

Pooja Room and pooja unit should definitely be in Orange color as it emits a positive energy in that particular junction.

There is no restriction on the color of the sit out, drawing room or any small room in the home.


All the idols in the pooja room should be facing east and while praying, the devotee should never face south. There should be very minimal idols in the worship room. Also, never make a pooja room next to a bathroom, in a bedroom, in a store room or under the stairs.

Pooja Rooms should be spotless and always scented with incense sticks and neatly arranged. This room radiates positivism to the entire home.


The master bedroom should be in the South-West and old people and should be the biggest of all rooms. The bedroom in the north-east may cause a health issue. The Northwest zone of the home should be allotted for kids. All the electronic items should be closed with a cloth in order to avoid the radiation from spreading in the room. Mirrors, being the best reflectors, reflect back your thoughts. Since the bedroom is where you will come, rest and distress, don’t place a mirror opposite to your bed or anywhere close to it. Ideally, paint your bedroom in very mild pleasant shades and avoid dark colors. The room should be well-organized. Keep your bedroom clean and clutter-free.


Living Room is the most important place of your home and we have some really interesting tips to keep the positivism in the living room intact. Since guests come and sit in the living room only, their thoughts will be emitted from this point and will spread in the full house. Regardless of the type of energy, positive or negative, it will pass to all the corners of your home. If it is negative this energy must be stopped from passing on. Home should be facing North or East as the living room will be present in the “Vaayu Sthan” and this will stir a sense of restlessness in the visitors mind and they will leave quickly. An aquarium in the South takes away all the positivism from the home and if the television is placed in the Northwest, then the energy of the people will be pulled by the television and all the inmates will waste time watching it.


Kitchen is the heart of the home and heart needs to be blissfully occupied with all the latest equipment and needs to be clutter free because these put a major impact on the chef’s thoughts.

A clean kitchen will radiate positive thoughts whereas, a complex kitchen will give out negative impact. Make sure the chef cooks facing east and the stove should be placed in the south-east corner of the home. An L-shaped kitchen next to the main platform of the kitchen is very good for the home and keep that space for stacking the mixer-grinders, microwave oven, grain box, pulses, spices, salt etc.

Donot keep the main platform and the sink side by side as fire and water are dimensional opposite elements that when lain on the same platform will cause friction between the family members at that home.

#8 – Doors and Windows as per Vastu for Flats:

In the kitchen, place two windows with gaps for exhaust fan in the east and west walls to make the kitchen susceptible to natural solar sanitation. In case, the doors make noise, they should be replaced and repaired as quickly as possible as it might stir unnecessary arguments among the housemates.

Plants, statues and poles should be placed away from the main entrance as it creates a barrier for the positive energy to flow into the home. Two homes should not have their main gates opening outwardly as it will spread negativity and is meant to be inauspicious. East, North-east and North are excellent positions for placing windows.


While digging to lay the foundation, if one finds copper, cow horns, conch, then the land is considered to be highly auspicious whereas, if one finds gold, metal, aluminum, skulls, then the land is meant to be inauspicious ultimately leading to the death of the owner.

We hope you got an idea on how to maintain the vastu and generate positive throughout the house. Follow Jain housing in Facebook, Instagram and visit to invest in a vastu compliant home.

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