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5 advantages of buying flats in OMR

Chennai is a city open to everyone, rightly going by the quote “Vandhaarai vaazha veikum Tamizhagam”. (Tamilnadu-That lets the visiting population live). The recent development of Chennai as a metropolitan city has made it more feasible for the lives of people from every part of the country, coming in search of employment and better life prospects. One such area that has been a great host for the immigrants in recent years is the OMR (Old Mahabalipuram Road) zone that has welcomed both the people and real estate properties in OMR

What makes OMR take the spotlight?

1. Real Estate Properties In Omr | IT zone

Growth opportunities for the new age population

The IT zone near real estate properties

The core immigrant category that seeks dwelling options at OMR is the IT category. OMR, the best-known technology core, holds a number of IT/ITES companies along with notable multi-national and domestic companies. The Siruseri IT Park which is one chief IT park in the zone encompasses the best companies such as TCS in SIPCOT- The largest office of TCS in Asia. Along with IT parks, the financial city at Sholinganallur, an integration of banks and other financial institutions takes key focus in the zone. With these employment cores catering to a number of people, one could best opt for urban flats in OMR that cut down the time taken for commute, along with access to facilities that have been specially designed to cater the day-night shifts in the lives of employees.

People who have come for a temporary period could also explore the apartments for sale in OMR with rental options.

Quick Tip: Explore the options available on rental apartments so you could share both space and rent with a companion!

2. Accessibility pros

The driving factor of real estate properties selection

New metro stations, bus terminus proposals at OMR

The IT core has also brought the need for infrastructure to help achieve connectivity to the major city zones. At OMR, one could benefit from the railway-line connections from Taramani to Cuddalore via Tiruporur, Mamallapuram, and Pondy. The road linkages are also best achieved from Madhya Kailash till Kanchipuram. A new by-pass road junction further eases commute with a connection from Siruseri to beyond the Kelambakkam junction. Promoting future development, a series of 5 flyovers are expected to transform the stretch from TIDEL park to Siruseri. Other transit-oriented developments have beckoned in the area such as the plans for elevated metro stations by CMRL (Chennai Metro Rail Ltd.). Along with development, the urbanscape is also improved, with proposals for foot-overbridge such as the one connecting Ramanujam IT City to Thiruvanmiyur MRTS.

Such new ways to facilitate the ease of access of the people have elevated the lifestyle prevalent in the location.

What more is needed to make one hunt for the apartments for sale in OMR?

A quick tip: Go for real estate properties and flats in OMR that let you have quiet driving experiences along the residential zones to get the best living conditions.

3. The affluent environment

Lifestyle building features along with the properties

The affluent flats as in OMR

Every urbanite finds a way to unwind affluent living with various luxury apartments at OMR that come with a swimming pool, gym, spa and more. Furthermore, these developing real estate properties that are primarily high rise flats in OMR, offer the picturesque views of the city dominated by the rich green cover in the vicinity. Along with the premium living experiences, the place also has appreciable connectivity to the healthcare institutions, restaurants and renowned Educational institutes such as Padma Seshadri, PSBB Millenium, DAV CBSE School, etc. If you are a sports enthusiast, try spotting the flats in OMR with proximity to Sports city that lies between Kalavakkam and Tiruporur.

Quick tip: Go for the luxury apartments for sale in OMR to indulge in opulence and rediscover tranquility amidst the green lands.

4. Healthy living conditions

Eco-friendly living opportunities

Along with the opportunities for growth, the real estate properties in OMR also enjoy a rich green cover. Having history as the land open for cattle grazing, the zone has rich fertile soil that promotes healthy living. A range of species like Palm, Cashewnut, Mango etc. have made the land suitable for every property. Thereby real estate properties in OMR offering sustainable conditions have arose. A number of water bodies such as ponds, wetlands along the nearby coastline have brought a mixed habitat alongside. Thereby, a rich local climate is brought in. These further build OMR as a place worth your dream home.

A quick tip: Discover the apartments for sale in OMR benefited by good groundwater levels along with rich habitat.

5. Hot rental trends and investment options

Properties, the future assets

Apartments elevation

Over the years, OMR has grown from the sparsely occupied land to the proliferating IT hub. It has become a magnet core attracting everything from hotels and restaurants to the metro station and flyover proposals. The real estate properties here have been a key focus for the developers bringing dwelling options for everyone. From the workaholics looking for flats in OMR, to the elite preferring luxury apartments in a well-equipped setup, these befit. Integrated townships are the best choices of premium living options available for such a mixed population in OMR.

A quick tip: Look at the ongoing projects giving evidence of future scope for development in the areas focused.

With actively evolving places like OMR that add value to the city, there is no doubt that Chennai is ranked 9th in Lonely Planet’s list of top 10 metropolitan cities to live in.

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