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Plots, Villas or apartments for sale? Choose your COMFORT.

CHOICE : Range of Comfort : Plots, Villas or apartments for sale ?


With the need of comfort inside the city, the residential types influence the housing choices. This would no more be futuristic, because Jain Housing is here for your housing need. Be it the plots, villas or apartments for sale, Jain Housing has the best in range for you.

Lake facing apartments, Riverside plots and more countless definitions of luxury.

The luxury range of projects such as the apartments for sale in Padur and Thoraipakkam have carefully crafted amenities that blend with the beauty of the natural context of the chosen project locations.

Urban flats, Affordable apartments and more countless definitions of cost-effectiveness.

Just contrasting to the upmarket affluent apartments, Jain Housing has brought a competition to its own ranges with affordable apartments such as the flats in Pallavaram or uber flats in Vadapalani that have their own way of balancing the affordability and comfort existent in a home.



Flats in Thoraipakkam vs. Apartments in Semmenchery. Which is for you?

High-rise apartment living is the new urban trend.

Apartments for sale in Thoraipakkam from Jain Housing

With equally compelling features that accentuate the quality of living, choosing between the distinctive range of flats in thoraipakkam and standard range of apartments in Semmenchery could be very challenging for the millennial generation. By creating a thin line between the highlights of the location and the unique feature of the project proposed, Jain Housing presents the home curated for ‘your way of living’. Discover true urban luxury with the apartments for sale in Chennai OMR.

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Independent house for sale in Tambaram, Porur and other chosen destinations.

Individual houses and villas, the islands of comfort.

When an independent house for sale in Chennai is your search target, the budget becomes one key deciding factor. The extent of your spend would determine the extent of your comfort and luxury.

Mehta township from Jain Housing

Would you prefer independent house for sale in Chennai for 50 lakhs?


Villas for sale in Chennai for 30 lakhs?

An independent house, being traditionally built over a vast expanse of select lands, offers the greatest sense of tranquillity and proven sophistication, amongst the dense city parts. Standing as a symbol of your pride and prestige, an independent house for sale in Chennai is no less than a dream come true. Especially when you manage to locate an independent house for sale in Chennai Porur, your dream home is all set, amidst the best facilities across the city.

At Porur, one of the major junctions in the city where every transit connection intersects, the best one could get is a fame-worthy independent house for sale in Chennai Porur. The top offices, industries and other working-population-friendly opportunities make the place full of life and hustle.

An equally profitable option would be going for an individual house for sale in Tambaram. Though the locations come with similarity in profit, they come with contrasting features. Tambaram being a macro-level collection of quiet neighbourhoods is ideal for both independent houses and villas, across every budget starting from as low as 30 lakhs. Being a developing suburb that has observed an unexpected expansion in the past decade, Tambaram is one of the most desirable places to reside in peace.

The places of interest go beyond Tambaram and Porur, to the entirety of Chennai.

When you could get a dreamy independent house for sale in Chennai for 50 lakhs and wholly individual villas for sale in Chennai for 30 lakhs, why wait to book with Jain Housing?

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Plots in Manapakkam

Upscale plots, the escorts of Luxury.

Plots for sale from Jain Housing

One set of urban population is always on the go, looking for a place that could live in the hustle. While there is always another one looking for something different. If the symbol of sophistication is your quest, the plots in Manapakkam are the ideal choice. Reminding the beauty of silence within a world full of noise, these are beautiful choices of lush green lands nestled within busiest roads and bustling streets. Escorted by the luxury options such as top-notch infrastructure and architect-designed parks, these outshine. Nothing could be more affluent than getting a land for your dream home over the plots in Manapakkam.

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Apartments, individual houses and villas aren’t the only types. Explore more options that lie in the intermediary types in houses with Jain Housing.

Choose your priority. Choose Jain Housing.


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