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Which areas in Chennai are good to buy flats as investments?

Property investments are the most rewarding type of investment. Particularly in the recent years when urbanisation is on a high wave, it tops it all. With the proliferating residential developments across the city parts, the demand of properties has peaked. Following that, it questions the budgetary concerns of the city inhabitants. Though this bothers the new home-buyers, it promises a highly profitable future. In addition, it ensures that the growth of their investment on the property is evident. Throwing focus on the flats in Chennai, the smart investment on these small-sized affordable properties can prove the best-ever profit, only when the location is right.

Locate the demand.

Demand Drivers:

The growth of the IT and other industrial sectors has made the metropolitan cities, the magnets of population, ultimately bringing amenities and development to their support. Since the industry functioning involves multiple relocation and look-out for new properties, more particularly on the flats in Chennai; these work-driven hot-spots of the city stay above all. For all the newcomers trying to understand how to buy a flat in Chennai that is a collection of every urban-essential, getting the first step done with the right choice of location is quintessential.

In other words, your investments are directly proportional to the location.

The real estate experts come with the consolidated list of proven locations that come with the promise of a truly rewarding investment, for the future flats in Chennai.

“Don’t wait to buy real estate. Buy real estate and wait.” – Will Rogers

Proven Profitable zones:


For every chennaite, “Ambattur Industrial Estate” is a much heard term. Being the industry-philic zone of the city, Ambattur is home to the renowned IT/ITes and industrial hubs. In addition, it enjoys freedom from the city noises, allowing much space for families and developments to take over. A record of more than 3,000 new residential units in the past 5 years proves that the area is worth every penny spent on, as investment.

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The new age establishments of IT parks and SEZs along the mighty coastline-facing OMR stretch has made this 45 km extent, the most pronounced name in all of Chennai. Therefore, a swarming 35,000 new residential units added as luxury flats in Chennai, in the recent years. Above all, OMR has a high average capital value, making it ideal for real estate investments.

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While luxury dominates the rest of Chennai, affordability dominates the southern parts of Chennai. The rise of infrastructure developments that strengthen connectivity  along this key road stretch, are the primary factors driving residential growth with the promise of hassle-free life. In addition to this, in the recent span of 5 years, almost 4,500 residential units have come up in the zone, making it perfect for every home buyer’s profitable investment.

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Taking a location that is adjacent to newest IT and industrial node of the city, this location proves perfect for investments through flats in Chennai. Given the rich habitat of the surrounding coupled with the seamless connectivity, it is no doubt that more than 3,300 units emerged in the zone.

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Being the residential suburb home to the IT & workaholic crowds of Ambattur and OMR through the National highway connection, Porur in itself is a mixture of business opportunities. This unparalleled connectivity and proximity pros have made the place, the most desired destination for flats in Chennai. Having seen a price appreciation of about 8% in the recent years, it is one of THE destinations ideal for investments on flats in Chennai.

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Simply put,

The Western and Southern part is welcoming the flats in Chennai, with their improving city connections along with comprehensive developments that accompany. With the east boundaries set by the sea and northern boundaries set by the land of origin, the city grows along the southwestern parts just the wind direction of Tamilnadu.

Get the best choice of flats taking advantage of everything from the wind & ventilation, till the prices & value of investment, by getting it from Jain Housing.

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