Best Markets for real estate investment

The Best Markets For Real Estate Investments In 2019

With the onset of the new year, new opportunities emerge for the real estate industry! The increased funds from the government to aid the industry’s development is all set to find its purpose with the best markets across India. Understanding the best markets for real estate investment of the previous year and its drive has its succeeding way towards the predictions for the new year.

Looking for the new year’s real estate investment predictions?

First, check out which cities have crowned the real estate investments as the best markets in 2019.

A recent survey states that almost 57% of the population across India prefers property as the best investment option. But what is the best market that makes the investment effective?

The Best Markets for Real Estate Investments in 2019 have take the investors along the right track into the year 2020, focusing on 6 major zones across the cardinal directions of the country that top the real estate investment checklist:

  • Desirable property prices
  • Low home loan interests
  • High ROI (Resturn of Investment)
  • RERA regulations & amendments and more.


The above statistical report from Getmoneyrich captures the profitability of investments in a simple bar graph. Explore in detail about the top 6 profitable picks for real estate investments.

Top 6 picks:

1# Navi Mumbai’s Affordability drive

Apartments in Mumbai

With the crowding city lanes and overflowing public trains, Mumbai did call for a major expansion that came with Navi Mumbai, the truly new face of Mumbai with multiple businesses that have already blocked their destination amongst the lush lands. Real estate investment in such a promising place, where hustle in doubled every single day, along with your savings, tops the list as the best choice for every Mumbaikar or even the outsiders!

          BEST CHOICE OF INVESTMENT: Mixed-use complexes, Co-working spaces

Go new. Go to Navi Mumbai.

2# Bengaluru’s IT growth path

Before the most desirable climate coupled with the best living options in India gets long-forgotten, its almost mandatory to invest in Bangalore‘s property ranges. Being the ultimate zone of modern revolution where the metros and Air-conditioned buses promise the quality in life, Bengaluru has IT growth to add to its credit. Real estate investment in this ever-energetic city is a profitably proven choice for Bangaloreans and all of North-South intermediaries.

          BEST CHOICE OF INVESTMENT: Co-living spaces

Got a job in IT core? Choose Bangalore.

3# Thane’s Infra track

Having got into the list of 27 Smart Cities in India, Thane is all set to grow along with the pace of the modern population. The unbeatable infrastructure in the place brought by the best hospitals, institutions, recreation spots and more, this Industrial-hub-turned-on-demand-Hub has paved way for the city inhabitants to find the ultimate location where connectivity and growth co-exist. Real estate investment in this flourishing direction of Mumbai where cable-suspension bridges and flyovers are all set to takeover, is the choicest option for the population.

            BEST CHOICE OF INVESTMENT: Warehouses/Commercial spaces

Feeling Urbane? Tread along the Thane lane.

4# Hyderabad’s healthy habitat

Telengana has been the new dream city for the millennial population, promising them with peace and hustle, all at the same time. Home to multiple IT hubs dotted by commercial and retail establishments, Hyderabad is perfect for the new families who are in need of a “complete” life. While the connectivity proves efficient with neatly organised transit-lines along green pockets, the nodal points are rightly dominated by amenities, making it a go-to city for the population. Lingual strings are also flexible, opening the doors to both Southern and Northern population.

          BEST CHOICE OF INVESTMENT: Residential complexes

H for health, H for Hyderabad.

5# Chennai’s suburb with nothing to disturb

Amidst its location in the southern tip of the Indian Continent, Chennai rules the multiple sectors across commercial and industrial ones that took a call of expansion, house the urban population that also have an equal chance of becoming the sub-urban population. The comprehensive developments in industrial and commercial streams across the sub-urban parts, has made the working population shift a little southward, where they find the perfect mix of “Urban” and “Sub-Urban”. The urban amenities and connectivity is amplified by the peaceful and healthy environment of fertile lands, making them ideal for residences. Real estate investment at such rewarding locales is the choicest for every Chennaite or newly-turned Chennaites!

           BEST CHOICE OF INVESTMENT: Residential complexes

Why dream of Shanghai when Chennai is here?

6# Noida’s with proposed airport affinity

While the national capital has been giving birth to multiple successful locations in the adjacency, Noida tops the list in case of property investments, primarily because of the industrial development that is right there in its name NOIDA (New Okhla Industrial Development Authority). Being the ‘planned development’, Noida excels in overall development across industrial, commercial and other networks, all amplified by the new infrastructure proposal – the new Airport proposal. Real estate investment in such a place that comes with a promise of future development is every Delhiwala‘s dream dwelling zone.

           BEST CHOICE OF INVESTMENT: Mixed-use complexes (Residential & Commercial), Student housing

Noida, for your investment agenda.

Are you ready to become one among the 57% benefiting from property investments?

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