Which is the best place to buy a house in Chennai?

Which is the best place to buy house in Chennai?

This 2020 comes with every new opportunity possible for a home-buyer. New year coupled with new home could be the best thing to happen, but how “best” will the new thing be?

Buying a house in a city as diverse and welcoming as Chennai is no joke. With almost every Indian language heard at every next street’s corner, the population has driven the city to hold an astonishing collection of diversity. This is a result of immeasurable migration that has made certain parts of the city seize the spotlight as the best choices for residential developments, where everything from Connectivity and Workplace-proximity, till the Health quotient and Recreation opportunities, find their place.

Here is the 2020’s picks for places of spotlight:

1. The OMGo to O.M.R

OMR, the go-to destination for every IT employee and workaholic population, is becoming a man-made paradise with an overwhelming development across commercial and residential typologies that take immense advantage of the beach-proximity to give a lifestyle that achieves the most desirable balance between work-life and actual-life.

Life at OMR:

  • A morning walk and some Jogging along the beach
  • A quick ride to the prominent workplaces
  • A peaceful ride back home, along the best road connections
  • A relish-worthy dinner at the best restaurants

Property Budget range : Rs. 40 to Rs. 60 lakhs

Popular Property types : 1 BHK to 4 BHK

Spotlight Score : 10

Desirability Rating : 9

2. Classy call for Kolathur

Kolathur, the new North-Chennai favourite for the home-buyers, wins in both life and lifestyle with an equal coverage of healthcare points, recreational zones, work nodes and more. A unique touch of tradition with the ornamental fish-trade happening, makes the place a perfect intermediate of contemporary world and indigenous nature. With around 6000 new apartments arising in the zone, the location is perfect for both ready-to-occupy and investment-friendly homes.

Life at Kolathur:

  • Brisk mornings in the active localities
  • A walk and ride along the MADRAS-looking places
  • Easy access to diverse workplaces

Property Budget range : Rs. 35 lakhs to Rs 1.63 crore

Popular Property types : 1 BHK to 4 BHK

Spotlight Score : 9.5

Desirability Rating : 8.5

3. Vivid view to Villivakkam


The industry-philic area of Chennai that holds the SIDCO Industrial Estate, goes more than professional security, with life-security re-assured by the most eminent government healthcare institutions that fall under a 2 km radius. Along with the profitable location, the zone is also home to a mixed population, making it truly vivid with numerous Temples, Churches or Mosque that stand tall at every next street. With more than 6000 apartments coming up, the location is a promising choice for every home-buyer.

Life at Villivakkam:

  • Walk along roads and neighbourhood flexible with the shifts of people of industrial work nature
  • Peaceful rides along sparsely traffic-struck roads
  • Quick hospital visit for grandparents’ appointments

Property Budget range : Starting from Rs. 35 lakhs

Popular Property types : 1 BHK to 3 BHK

Spotlight Score : 9

Desirability Rating : 8.5


4. Vehicle-friendly Velachery

If South Chennai is the new-found posh of the city, Velachery crowns the plush with its incredibly seamless connectivity and transit flow, swarming workplace numbers with an equally swarming retail setups, all amplified by recreation and entertainment options that stand as the best in all of Chennai. Almost tailor-made for the modern urban population, Velachery promises the feeling of NYC right at this southern heart of Chennai, where hustle fills every corner.

Life at Velachery:

  • Waking up to views at the high-rise apartments
  • Choice of transit with Train, Bus and Two-wheelers, all at a desirable distance
  • Quick rides to diverse set of offices with more diverse people
  • Dreamy dinners at a range of foodie-spots and elite restaurants

Property Budget range : Rs. 60 lakhs to Rs. 1 crore

Popular Property types : 1 BHK to 4 BHK

Spotlight Score : 8.5

Desirability Rating : 8

5. Shortcut to Sholinganallur

Half the IT population of Chennai finds its route to the Siruseri IT park which is comfortably nestled in Sholinganallur, along the plush route of OMR. With a look where it no more feels like locked-in-Chennai-boundaries, the location enjoys nature to the best levels, with air and greenery that compete coverage of glass volumes of popular MNCs and IT companies. With an approximate 5000 apartments envisioned to beautify the already beautiful stretch, Sholinganallur tops the wishlist of every IT person.

Life at Sholinganallur:

  • Walking up to see the sea breeze hit the green leaves
  • Direct buses available within a 20-step walk
  • Stress-free ride to workplaces along well-laid and regulated roadways
  • Midnight binge at multi-cuisine restaurants near entertainment spots, cinemas and more

Property Budget range : Rs. 30 lakhs to Rs. 1.77 crore

Popular Property types : 1 BHK to 6 BHK

Spotlight Score : 8

Desirability Rating : 7.6

6. All-the-way to Avadi

Avadi, the industrial interest for all of Chennai’s population welcomes not just the skills but also the families who could find a home that enjoys all-in-all proximity, to workplaces, institutions, daily essentials, recreation and more. Going by the acronym for Armoured Vehicles and Ammunition Depot of India, the zone has multiple defence establishments surrounding the area, making it high on security and hassle-free life. With almost 3000 new apartments coming up as sophisticated living options, Avadi is all set to see a high shoot-up in pride.

Life at Avadi:

  • Mornings along pedestrian-friendly paths that escape the city’s noise
  • Smooth drive along planned street lanes with regulated traffic
  • Safe return to home along secure neighbourhoods alternated by defence establishments

Property Budget range : Rs. 22 lakhs to Rs. 48 lakhs

Popular Property types : 1 BHK to 3 BHK

Spotlight Score : 7.5

Desirability Rating : 7.5

7. Cherishable track to Chengalpattu

South Chennai’s south-most tip has seen a sudden rush of young population, college-goers and workaholics with eminent establishment of offices and institutions in the location. Chengalpattu, being the core of such establishments has come with with numerous housing opportunities to facilitate the incoming population, well-supported by essentials such as amenities, transport, healthcare and more. With close to 2000 new homes coming up, Chengalpattu, the newly-declared district boundary promises a hassle-free life for the population.

Life at Chengalpattu:

  • Waking up to lush green lands and healthy air
  • Quick ride to workplace along strategically-laid roadways
  • Weekend visit to hometown along the intra-state bus routes

Property Budget range: Rs. 14 lakhs to Rs. 26 lakhs

Popular Property types: 1 BHK to 2 BHK

Spotlight Score : 7

Desirability Rating : 6.1


Which location is your favourite? Let us know!

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