Important tips to select right properties

Planning to buy properties in Hyderabad, Chennai, Coimbatore or any other city? Make sure you are right with your choice. Being RIGHT is never easy. Especially while choosing the property that is right for you, a lot of considerations come into account. Ask the below questions to yourself to validate the actual RIGHTness of the

How to reduce EMI of home loan?

EMI (Equated Monthly Instalment) is the regular give away for your home that is taken away from your earnings, every month, every year until the end of home loan tenure arrives. Being the key substantial outflow from your income, this might almost seem like something that is not entirely letting you live your life. Yet,

How to get your house ready to sell

Planning to sell your home? Just as buying a home, selling your home is also a ‘big thing’ because, your home is A BIG THING (Both by size and investment!). With a list of tasks ready to follow up to complete the entire process of “HOME SALE”, the start has to be just right. It couldn’t
Tips for NRI buying property in india

Tips for NRI buying property in India

An NRI has his short stay in India exceeding 60 days in a financial year year nearing 365 days in a span of 4 years. Yet, they continue to have the privilege of owning a home in their mother country as much as a resident Indian. The property purchasing journey too is equally hassle-free. With

Relocating House: Top 5 Dos and Don’ts

Every person has a point in their life where better opportunities are calling, yet at a location away from your own. Relocating House to a new location following your enthusiasm is as tricky as the thrilling factor. But we just can’t refrain from it because of the change that is in front of us. All you’ll