living on rent

LIVING ON RENT: Advantages and Disadvantages

“Home is where the heart is”. Owning a home is the biggest emotion a man contents and there could be no emotion replacing the feeling of decorating your home. It is an anti-depressant and we are beyond being obliged to share you this infra mural blog on the debating topic of living on rent house
How to Reduce Home Loan Interest Rate

How to Reduce Home Loan Interest Rate

Everybody likes to invest in a home for themselves, but the increase in standards of living has in turn not been favorable in shaking hands with the homes that we wish to buy. Our blog will tell you ways on how to reduce home loan interest rate. This is one of the most important undisclosed
Benefits of buying a Property in OMR

Benefits of buying a Property in OMR

There are several advantages of buying a Property in OMR which is the most influential suburb of Chennai. With ample IT and ITES companies in this suburb, this is the most fast-growing suburb of the city. It is very well arteried to all the other parts of the city. People from almost all the part
invest in indian real estate


One of the main reasons to invest in Indian real estate is because it is a means of a security deposit for the individual in the future. The real estate sector has grown widely over several centuries and the market has always been inflamed across the time period. The price per square feet has increased for


Improve home value to make use of the benefits of getting the invested money back when you sell in the mere future. The main idea is to revamp the existing design of the home so that while selling, the buyers would pay more than the actual cost price of the property. This blog deals with tips to


Buying a home is the most special thing for any human, as it is a means of a security deposit for the future. Who would not want to buy a home? The major task is, to unscramble. It is important to get to know the status of the real estate market for investing right. Also,

GST ON REAL ESTATE – What it has to offer

GST on real estate has been the talk of the century and with the recent advancements in technology, and due to the elevation in the standards of living, in the recent times owning a home has become a dream for every citizen. Thanks to the changes that have been bought by the GST council in

Where to Buy Homes within Rs. 40 Lakhs in Chennai?

If you’re someone out there on the hunt for a residential property on a budget of Rs. 40 lakh in Chennai, then you would be thrilled to know that there are areas within Chennai that offer the same within your specific budget limits such as Vandalur – Kelambakkam Road – Urapakkam – Padur and Madambakkam

Why are smart homes gaining popularity?

Technology the word which rules the current generation and the word which makes life easy, nowadays everyone is asking for sophisticated home where we can control everything by a single device this gave a way to smart home and in India its expected to grow at 30 percent year on year. Today the working-class people

Importance of Rent Agreement Registration

Now, a few years into the twenty first century, the people are no longer silent. They have begun to speak for themselves and fight for what they believe is theirs. In a time like this, it is crucial keep your property rights by drawing up a detailed rent/ lease agreement and it can be validated