Kelambakkam Emerges as a Profitable Investment

Despite the southern localities of Chennai such as Parambikulam, Sholinganallur and Medavakkam being major destinations for residential and commercial investment, kelambu I have joined the pack and emerging as a potential real estate market. Primarily famous for its religious significance and aesthetics, now Kelambakkam has got significant realty development because of affordable rate comparing it’s

Pros and Cons of Real Estate

Investing on real estate and purchasing land has become an essential for the modern family, especially Indians. Buying land provides security and its resale value acts as a means of monetary benefits in the future. But what real estate agents or any advisor per se do not tell you are that; investing in land does

Pre-approved home loans: Should I go for it?

Pre-approved home loans are getting a loan without much hassles. It saves a lot of time but serious understandings have to be done before you approach a bank and execute this instrument. There is a lot of uncertainty amongst people who apply for bank loans and a tedious process is in place to approve the

Property income: Do’s and don’ts

For many of the property developers and others rental income is an interesting choice but a lot of thought has to be put before investing. Bad decision may come to bite you back. The initial step in buying a property for income is to analyze and analyze deeply the various factors. Here is a brief

Checklist while buying property

Are you planning to buy a property? Stop right there and checkout few things which helps to safeguard your investment and ensure you avoid the unwanted problems that makes your investment a nightmare. First, the most important thing is to verify the title and ownership of the seller like nature of the title, power of

Why does Bangalore top the list among metros?

It is quite evident and undeniable to state that metros more than any other second or lower tier cities are generally the preferred realty destinations for high net worth individuals(HNIs). Although it is much more conspicuous to say that Bangalore has emerged to be the most desirable out of all the metropolitan cities of India.

Is Affordable Housing, a reality ?

In India, the conditions of below the poverty line population is very much below the basic standard of living. So, the primary concern is that their standard of living is improved. Moreover, it is essential that these sections of people are provided with affordable housing options. ‘Housing for All’ should be achieved to attain a

Common Fallacy about Real Estate in India

Even experts find it difficult to unmask all the misconceptions about the real estate industry. The common public is often misinformed with various false information and it has been happening for more than a decade. The blame cannot fully land on the public because sometimes the developers also are involved in some malpractices like deliberately

Green is the New Buzz Word

Known for their innovative and sustainable designs, Jain Housing is proud to be one of the most eco friendly developers in the real estate sector. Contrary to the controversy prevailing over the eco friendliness in the construction industry and the usual mind set that real estate projects harm the environment. At Jain Housing, coming up

Affordable housing: The real anomaly

The government has really upped the show with housing for all by 2022. The major problem of cost effective housing is hitting everyone hard especially in developing nations. India is a real anomaly in the affordable housing case. While on one hand you have a growing population in the below 45 segment or the working