Is Affordable Housing, a reality ?

In India, the conditions of below the poverty line population is very much below the basic standard of living. So, the primary concern is that their standard of living is improved. Moreover, it is essential that these sections of people are provided with affordable housing options. ‘Housing for All’ should be achieved to attain a

Common Fallacy about Real Estate in India

Even experts find it difficult to unmask all the misconceptions about the real estate industry. The common public is often misinformed with various false information and it has been happening for more than a decade. The blame cannot fully land on the public because sometimes the developers also are involved in some malpractices like deliberately

Green is the New Buzz Word

Known for their innovative and sustainable designs, Jain Housing is proud to be one of the most eco friendly developers in the real estate sector. Contrary to the controversy prevailing over the eco friendliness in the construction industry and the usual mind set that real estate projects harm the environment. At Jain Housing, coming up

Affordable housing: The real anomaly

The government has really upped the show with housing for all by 2022. The major problem of cost effective housing is hitting everyone hard especially in developing nations. India is a real anomaly in the affordable housing case. While on one hand you have a growing population in the below 45 segment or the working

Home Loan Transfers

To most of the folk, this may come as a shock but yes you have an option to transfer your home loans from one lender to another. There are multiple advantages in this but the most outstanding advantage is that of lower interest rates and better negotiating power with the lender. Another reason to transfer

The salary-rent parity

There are many properties available for rent and at interesting prices. All of them have a differentiating aspect in one way or the other. Most of the rents are close by you’re confused on what you want. You are not getting the value for money game yet and you want to make sure you’re not

Jain Housing launches two projects

Source: Jain Housing has launched two new projects — Alpine Meadows and Westminster. Sandeep Mehta, Managing Director Jain Housing says, “Alpine Meadows will take the stage as a landmark project in Pallavaram. Spread across 17 acres, 31 elegantly created apartment blocks it comprises stilt plus four floors. Encompassing a total of 2000 high-end apartments, Alpine

Jain Housing Receives 220 Crores Funding From GIC Pvt Ltd, Singapores Sovereign Wealth Fund 3.3

Source: Jain Housing & Construction Ltd., on Wednesday, said it received a funding of Rs.220 crore from the Singapore-based sovereign wealth fund, GIC Private Ltd. About 2,200 secured listed rate redeemable non-convertible debentures with a face value of Rs.10 lakh each are offered to GIC on a private placement basis. Aided by the fresh infusion

Jain Housing enters Kerala with two luxury apartment projects

Source: A two-day India Property Fair, offering a host of real estate opportunities for home buyers, was inaugurated in Abu Dhabi on Friday. The fair is being organised by The Hindu in association with CREDAI Chennai. The show was inaugurated by Sandeep Mehta, President of CREDAI Chennai; Suresh Krishn, Secretary of CREDAI Chennai and S.