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Which is the best place to buy a house in Chennai?

Which is the best place to buy a house in Chennai?

Which is the best place to buy house in Chennai? This 2020 comes with every new opportunity possible for a home-buyer. New year coupled with new home could be the best thing to happen, but how “best” will the new…

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The Best Markets For Real Estate Investments In 2019

Best Markets for real estate investment

With the onset of the new year, new opportunities emerge for the real estate industry! The increased funds from the government to aid the industry’s development is all set to find its purpose with the best markets across India. Understanding…

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Which areas in Chennai are good to buy flats as investments?

Flats in Chennai

Property investments are the most rewarding type of investment. Particularly in the recent years when urbanisation is on a high wave, it tops it all. With the proliferating residential developments across the city parts, the demand of properties has peaked. Following…

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Villas, Plots or apartments for sale? Choose your BUDGET.

Apartments for sale in Chennai

CHOICE: BUDGET RANGE Regardless of our desire, the budget becomes the decision maker for housing choices stuck between villas or apartments for sale. This would no more be a constraint because Jain Housing is here for your housing need. Flats…

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Plots, Villas or apartments for sale? Choose your LOCATION.

CHOICE: Location Range: Plots, Villas or apartments for sale? YOUR CHOICES, OUR PROJECTS. The changing needs and evolving lifestyle, has made the location range become the major influencer of the housing choices in these days. Such apartments for sale across Chennai would no more…

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Plots, Villas or apartments for sale? Choose your COMFORT.

Apartments for sale from Jain Housing

CHOICE : Range of Comfort : Plots, Villas or apartments for sale ? YOUR CHOICES, OUR PROJECTS. With the need of comfort inside the city, the residential types influence the housing choices. This would no more be futuristic, because Jain…

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5 advantages of buying flats in OMR

Green city with flyovers

Chennai is a city open to everyone, rightly going by the quote “Vandhaarai vaazha veikum Tamizhagam”. (Tamilnadu-That lets the visiting population live). The recent development of Chennai as a metropolitan city has made it more feasible for the lives of…

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Important tips to select right properties

Important tips to select the right properties Planning to buy properties in Hyderabad, Chennai, Coimbatore or any other city? Make sure you are right with your choice. Being RIGHT is never easy. Especially while choosing the property that is right…

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How to identify high demand properties in top most cities

Group of houses or properties

‘The City of dreams’ refers every Indian city, because it is a place where a person doesn’t just dwell. They live their life. With the new age development and people swarming into the cities in search of their dreams, speed matters. Being…

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How to reduce EMI of home loan?

EMI (Equated Monthly Instalment) is the regular give away for your home that is taken away from your earnings, every month, every year until the end of home loan tenure arrives. Being the key substantial outflow from your income, this…

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